• 1. Sellers post their unused ice on the SCORE ICE app.
  • 2. Buyers search for ice they need then buy or make an offer for it.
  • 3. Sellers can make one counter offer to the buyer. The buyer then accepts the offer or denies it.
  • 4. If there is a deal, email notifications are sent to both the seller and buyer with all ice sale details.
  • 5. SCORE ICE holds the funds from the buyer until 48 hrs after the ice is confirmed used.
  • 6. The seller is then paid out.
  • 7. A small convenience fee is retained by Score Ice.

SCORE ICE does not own any of the ice on the site. The ice time posted on SCORE ICE comes from hockey teams that have game/practice conflicts and hockey arena managers that have unused ice available. With the increasing cost of ice all over North America, ice time is now a valuable commodity. Losing even 8-10 ice slots per season can cost a team thousands of dollars. SCORE ICE will help teams save money and help hockey arenas increase their overall revenue.

Notifications are sent immediately at every step of each transaction.
They are sent by SMS text message, in app notification and email.
Sellers are immediately notified of any sale or offer made on their ice.
Buyers are immediately notified of any counter-offer or successful purchase. Email notifications are sent out to both the Buyer and Seller after
successful transactions. Users can add up to 5 email addresses to their profile so everyone that needs to be notified will receive emails with complete details of the transaction.

To ensure Sellers receive payouts in just 48hrs, Score Ice uses Paypal exclusively to securely manage all payments and payouts. Buyers are charged immediately after a successful sale. These funds are held by Score Ice until the Buyer successfully uses the purchased ice. 

Yes! If you can't use your ice slot from whatever reason you can re-post it for sale on Score Ice.

Yes. You can go into your MY ICE screen on the app's Main Menu to edit or delete any of your ice slots. Once a sale is Pending you will not be able to change any details of that slot.


Score Ice is completely FREE to download, post ice or search for ice and there are No Subscription Fees.

Score Ice retains a small convenience fee only after a successful transaction is completed. 

For a limited time there is no convenience for Sellers.

The current convenience fee for Buyers is 7%. For example, if you buy an ice slot for $200.00 the convenience fee is only $14.00. No tax is added.

After a successful sale the funds paid by the Buyer are held by Score Ice. The Seller is then paid out 48 hrs after the ice is used by the Buyer. This prevents fraud and ensures the ice was successfully used. If the ice could not be used due to a double booking at the fault of the Seller, the payout will be stopped and the Seller will be contacted to resolve the issue.

No! Sell as much ice as you want as often as you want.

It's absolutely FREE to post ice.

SCORE ICE only retains a small convenience fee once an ice slot is purchased. If your ice doesn't sell there is no cost to you. If you know all of your unused ice, you can post all of it at one time. This is a great feature for hockey arena managers.
If you end up selling your ice slot by a different means after posting ice, you can go back into SCORE ICE and edit or delete that slot.

If there is any issue with the purchased ice, the buyer has the ability to dispute the transaction. If there is a clear problem, a refund will be issued in full. That said....all users on SCORE ICE must enter their credit card details to buy ice and sign up for a PayPal account to be paid out when selling ice. These verifications ensure customers are not posting fake ice slots. All ice is posted by real people that are in need of either buying or selling ice.

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